Berlin Synagogue

Berlin Synagogue

Formation & Counseling

The attorneys at Ellahie & Farooqui LLP have over 55 years of combined experience forming, advising, and working with public benefit corporations, religious corporations, mutual benefit corporations, churches, mosques, temples, integrated auxiliary organizations, and private foundations. We are committed to providing personalized, cost-effective solutions for our nonprofit clients to ensure they achieve their objectives.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with obtaining letters of determination of exemption under Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3) and the California Revenue and Taxation Code §23701.


Litigation Services

Inter entity disputes among Directors, Trustees, Officers, and rival members constitute a large percentage of legal claims against nonprofit entities.  Our attorneys rely on their extensive litigation experience in providing cost-effective solutions for our clients in Civil Court, Mediation, and/or Arbitration.

Employment and breach of contract claims also constitute a large percentage of legal claims filed against nonprofit organizations. Our attorneys work with our nonprofit clients to ensure that they follow set procedures for interviewing applicants (including religious clerics), hiring and firing staff, and abiding by all employment contracts.

A photo of the Blue Mosque ate night with a single spire visible.

Blue Mosque at Night

Mediation Services

Our senior attorneys are often asked to serve as mediators in an effort to resolve disputes within a nonprofit entity.  We use our experience to avoid escalation and resolve imminent or pending litigation.